Installation View of Thymesis // THAT ART FAIR 2016 

“Whatever it grants to vision and whatever its manner, a photograph is always invisible: it is not it that we see.”– Roland Barthes, 1980, Camera Lucida, 6

Thymesis is a body of work that explores the psychological processes of the evocation of remembering and recalling memories when presented with photographic artefacts. The body of photographs are the manifestation of the artist’s patterns of remembering, recalling, evaluating and valuing. Between the photograph and the memory exists an interesting matrix of reliance and discernment. The memory is the effect of the photograph; the photograph is the catalyst for the memory, constructing or reconstructing but always active.

Thymesis wishes to evoke a sense familiarity in the viewer; a vague sense of having been there. The audience is invited to experience personal photographs and memories, in turn perceiving and interacting- creating and activating a prompted but extemporaneous shared memory. The subject matter ranges from landscape, interiors, still life to self-portraits and family photographs.

The circular format of the photographs aim to echo the trans-ocular nature of both memory and photography. Each photograph is developed and printed, by hand, onto fiber-based silver gelatin paper.

 Silver gelatin print on fibre based paper

Unidentified # xx // Silver gelatin print on fibre based paper